Who Are We

Established in 1946, Jersey Ontario is a non-profit breed association organization incorporated under the Province of Ontario, providing innovative services to Jersey Breeders throughout the province of Ontario.  The mandate of the association is to work collaboratively with members and stakeholder to promote the breed to new breeders, as well as to provide services to the all Jersey breeders and producers.  The Association represents more than 450 members in throughout the Ontario. These members are represented by eleven parishes, each having a director on the Board. 

Voluntary Support Member (VSM) Program

Through this program member’s give financial support to Jersey Ontario in one of two ways. The most common way is known as the milk cheque deduction, where each month a small percentage of the members’ milk cheque is deducted and sent to Jersey Ontario. This amount floats with the volume of milk shipped, and maxes out at $1,000 annually. A second way to support Jersey Ontario as a VSM is to write a cheque(s) with a minimum $300 annual donation.

Regional Development Member

Through this voluntary program the member is invoiced for $75 as part of your Jersey Canada membership, and the funds directed to Jersey Ontario. The fee allows every breeder to partner with the efforts of our VSM’s as well as fulfill the mandate of Jersey Ontario.

It is through these funds that Jersey Ontario can continue to promote our cow and our people.  The funds collected allow Jersey Ontario to employ a Secretary Manager, to act as the office administrator, attend industry meetings and support both new and established breeders. It also allows Jersey Ontario to support the Invitational Sale, Youth Seminar, Calf Rallies and promote the Jersey cow throughout the province and beyond. Jerseys are on the move, and Jersey Ontario is committed to not only keep the Jersey breed moving forward, but also to help support new breeders and new activities.