2020 Ontario Invitational Sale Re-Scheduled to May 9th, 2020

Dear Jersey Ontario Members & Jersey Enthusiasts,

The OIS Committee held a Special Meeting last night, March 18th, to assess the current Covid-19 situation and what the impact means, and could mean, for the Invitational Sale planned for Saturday, April 4th. After consultation and lengthy discussion, the hard decision was made to postpone the sale date to May 9th, 2020.

This date was selected with thoughts toward a declining incidence of the outbreak, while still being able to accommodate the critical 4H calf selection date. The Committee feels that it has made the best decision possible to protect the health of Jersey Ontario members, Directors and Volunteers, with the information available at this time.

While the sale is now re-scheduled for May 9th, Jersey Ontario will continue close monitoring of the situation and take further action as required. Thoughts are also being given to alternate formats should the Covid-19 situation continue unchecked into May.

Catalogues have been mailed to consigners, 2019 buyers and are available, please keep these catalogues and bring them to the May 9th sale. New catalogues will not be printed.

The Committee greatly regrets the need to make this decision; but are acting with the health and welfare of our membership in mind.


Glen Burgess, Co-Chair, OIS Committee
Al Cunnington, Co-Chair, OIS Committee