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  • Shady Glen Farms

    Shady Glen Farms is a family run partnership involving Steven and Yvonne Jones (Michael, Andrew, Luke and Carina), Kevin and Carolyn Jones (Landry, Grace, Clara and Gavin), David and Myrna Jones and Wayne and Elaine Simpson. Steve’s focus is crop production and Kevin’s focus is dairy production. Yvonne has a career with the National Bank and Carolyn is a Registered Dietician. David and Myrna Jones and Wayne and Elaine Simpson provide support to the operation looking after livestock in their former tie-stall milk barns as some tractor work and providing us with the opportunity to take over their respective Jersey …« Read More »
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Why Jerseys?

There are many advantages to having Jerseys in your herd. But the primary reason is to enhance the quality of your production - protein and fat - and get paid for it.

Jerseys are smaller, use fewer natural resources, convert feed to milk with less investment, and produce a smaller carbon footprint. They have a longer productive life that produces a more nutrient-rich milk that fits perfectly with the type of dairy products that consumers want.

Jerseys are trouble-free, and in increasing numbers, commercial producers are choosing Jerseys because they calve earlier, stay healthier, breed back sooner and produce a higher value product. Jerseys are the perfect breed for these times.

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